A festive home spreads cheer for all the friends and family passing by. Make the HVAC system just as merry as the rest of the house with these holiday decorating ideas.

Duct Wreath

Flexible ductwork goes a long way in making a crafty wreath this holiday season. Style the wreath with ornaments, paint, and other crafting options to hang in the rest of the home.

Elf on the Shelf

Need Elf on the Shelf ideas? Squish him into an air vent and create a daring trick the kids will be shocked to see him performing.

A Snowy Scene

A white furnace filter makes the best background for a snowy scene. Use the disposable filter behind the Christmas or holiday display and enjoy the snowy feel.

Hang Ornaments

Use the air vents to hang ornaments and other decors. Lightweight items won’t damage the vents. Use clear fishing line to hang decorations to create a floating holiday display.

Decorate the HVAC

Hide the HVAC with holiday yard decorations. Remember to keep decorations at least two feet away from the unit. You wouldn’t want to cause airflow blockages that could cause heat pump performance issues.

Dress Up the Thermostat

Wreaths aren’t just for door hanging… hang it around the thermostat this Christmas season! Be careful not to hang it too close to where it affects temp readings.

A Decorated Mantle

If the home has a fireplace, turn the mantle into a beautiful holiday decorated space. the mantle is a perfect place to display decorations while hanging stockings from the chimney.

Holiday Screen

Use a decorative screen on your fireplace in the home. A beautifully stained glass fireplace screen with the glow of fire behind it will make the mantle the focal point of the holiday parties.

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