You’ve got to love those evenings all cozy in a warm house while the cold weather rages outside. You want to keep your home warm throughout winter, but it can put a dent in your energy bills. Keeping your furnace well-maintained can help you to stay warm through winter without spending too much money.

To keep your furnace working efficiently, here are some furnace maintenance essentials for you to focus on this winter.

Change your filter

Just like with your AC filters, dust and debris can build up in your furnace filter and disrupt the flow of air. This makes your furnace less efficient, meaning your home will be more difficult and more expensive to heat. You should check your filter regularly to see if it needs changing. Changing your filter regularly will also improve the air quality inside your home.

Clean your burners

Dirty burners can also reduce the energy efficiency of your furnace and lead to poor air quality. You should remove and inspect your burners regularly and clean them if they appear dirty. If you don’t clean your burners, the lifespan of your furnace is likely to be shortened.

Check that your ducts are sealed

If your ducts are leaking warm air, then this will seriously reduce the efficiency of your furnace, meaning you have to spend more money to heat your home properly. Check your air ducts to see if any gaps or leaks need sealing.

Lubricate moving parts of your furnace

Any moving parts in your furnace system, like the bearings and motors, should be kept properly lubricated to maintain their good condition. This will ensure they keep working properly, contributing to the overall working order of your furnace. If you don’t lubricate these moving parts, they will gradually become more and more worn, causing them to fail with time.

Inspect belts and pulleys

You should regularly inspect your belts and pulleys to check that they are in good condition. These parts can become loose and worn over time, which ultimately reduces the lifespan of your furnace and worsens its energy efficiency. If your belts have become cracked, they will need replacing.

While there are some maintenance tasks you can do yourself regularly throughout the year, you should book a professional inspection at least once a year to make sure everything is in good condition. Any repairs should be left to the professionals. For all your HVAC, call AC Express for repair and maintenance in Winston Salem, Clemmons, Lewisville, Advance, and surrounding communities in the Piedmont Triad.

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