Avoiding breakdowns and maintenance needs in your home is rarely avoidable. While this may cause some expenses, you can stay on top of things by being able to recognize the signs. It is better to catch a problem with your heater early before it causes the system to fail, leaving you with expensive repairs or the need for replacement, not to mention leaving you in the cold.

To help you stay one step ahead, here are some signs you might need to call for professional heater repair.

Your bills are rising

If you’ve noticed that your heating costs have gone up without a significant change to your usage, then it may be that your heater is running inefficiently and, therefore, using more energy to heat your home. Heater maintenance and repair can fix these inefficiencies and prevent the issue from potentially getting worse.

Your heater is blowing cold

This should be an obvious sign to spot, especially in the winter. You want your heater to warm up your house, but it suddenly started blowing cold air. There are a number of problems that could cause this, so it’s a good idea to call the professionals to have them diagnose the problem correctly and repair it efficiently.

Strange noises

Most houses have their own noises that are seen as normal, but that doesn’t mean they’re all normal. Clunking pipes and strange noises coming from your furnace could indicate more serious problems. While they might be easy to ignore, screeching, rattling, or clunking noises coming from your heater should be inspected by a professional. They might not be causing much inconvenience now, but whatever’s causing them might escalate if left untreated.

Strange smells

As well as being aware of strange noises, you should also beware of strange smells when you operate your heater. That smell of burning dust might be normal when you first use your heater after a while, but a continuing burning smell when you regularly use your furnace is not. The cause of the smell could be posing a fire risk as well as indicating damage to your heater that needs repairing.

Short cycling

HVAC systems run in cycles. After running a cycle to completion, it will start back up again if it hasn’t achieved the desired temperature in the room or home. If you notice that your heater is constantly stopping and starting, not completing its cycle, then you should have a professional investigate the problem. This could be a cause of increased heating bills.

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