Bathroom exhaust fans probably aren’t at the top of your mind on a regular basis. So, when it comes to repairing, replacing, or installing one, most homeowners find themselves in the dark. If you’re looking to learn more about your bathroom exhaust fan, then this guide is a must-read.

What does an exhaust fan do?

Your bathroom exhaust fan extracts the moisture and humidity from the air, especially after a hot shower. This helps to prevent problems like mold accumulating in your bathroom and your paint or wallpaper peeling as a result of high humidity. This also helps to control the build-up of odors by preventing mold and mildew but also by extracting the spores in the air that might be causing bad odors. The same goes for extracting chemical contaminants after cleaning your bathroom.

Optional features of bathroom exhaust fans

Smart tech is taking over the home and making daily life more convenient as a result. You can find bathroom fans that automatically switch on and off based on the humidity levels in your bathroom. This means you don’t always have to remember to switch it on after you’ve had a shower, and there’s no risk of accidentally leaving it running all day when it’s not needed.

You can also install a timer switch on your fan to determine how long it runs for before switching off. This can be a stand-alone feature or combined with the moisture sensing feature previously mentioned. Some bathroom fans are fitted with lights or even heat lamps to warm up the room while extracted the excess moisture.

Exhaust fan maintenance

Do you know how to care for your bathroom exhaust fan? If you notice that it’s not working as efficiently as usual, it probably needs cleaning. You might notice that your mirrors are steaming up more than usual as the first sign of a problem. To test how well the fan is working, you can hold up some toilet paper to the fan. If the fan isn’t sucking the paper in, then it isn’t extracting as efficiently as it should.

This might indicate a need for maintenance, but it’s more likely that it just needs cleaning. Switch off the fan at the circuit breaker and remove its cover. You may notice that dust has accumulated on it. Simply wash the cover with soap and warm water. You might also need to clean the blades from within the fan.

If a quick clean doesn’t solve the problem. Then call in a professional to determine if there is a fault with your fan that needs repairing. Like any kind of HVAC repair, it is better to leave it to the professionals if you’re unsure.

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