Have you noticed water dripping from the bottom of your water heater? You might think that it’s no big deal and you’ll get around to it when you have time, but it might be more of an emergency than you think. There are various causes of a leaking water heater, some more serious than others.

Let’s look at some of the most common causes of water heaters leaking from the bottom and some solutions for solving this problem.

Where’s the water coming from?

There are three main culprits to check when determining where your leak is coming from: the temperature and pressure relief valve, the drain valve, and the internal tank.

Firstly, check the discharge tube of the temperature and pressure relief valve to see if there is water there. If so, then you’ve found your culprit. This may mean that the valve is faulty or that there is too much pressure built up inside the tank, in which case the valve is supposed to release pressure.

The drain valve is used to drain the water from your heater and can be another source of a leak. To check the drain valve, look for the nozzle at the bottom of the tank to see if this is the source of the dripping water.

If water is not coming from either of these valves, then it may be leaking from the tank itself due to water pooling in the bottom of it. This may be due to a build-up of sediment inside the tank, which can cause the tank to rust and crack.

How to fix the leak

The solution to fixing your leak will depend on the source, but it is usually best to call in the professionals first to assess the problem rather than attempting a DIY fix. However, some of these problems could have an easy fix. If water is dripping from your drain valve, your first step should be to check if it needs tightening. This may stop the drip immediately. If not, then you drain valve likely needs replacing.

If water is coming from the temperature and pressure valve, then this may also need replacing. If the problem is due to the internal pressure, then a plumber will be able to solve this problem for you.

When the internal tank is the problem, it is likely that the entire tank will need replacing as the leak may be a result of cracks in the tank. Again, call in a professional to assess the damage and advise you on what to do.

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